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What We Do
Green Heritage Bhandara is a NGO. This is a multipurpose social welfare organization engaged in Bhandara District since last twenty years. 

Hence we are enclosing List of the work done since registration on 14-11-2008 onward.

It is a multipurpose social service organization.  Its main objective into serve the social purpose by working on the following subject:
  • We are engaged in improvement environmental condition by planting-trees, to reduce global-warming.
  • Efforts for development of tourism, tourist and pilgrim places.
  • Water protection campaign. Water Harvesting in villages and town by guiding people.
  • Protection of forest and wild-life of plants & animals.
  • Protection of Historical monuments.
  • Preservation of Ancient heritage of national importance.
  • Seminar, meetings, practical workshop on educating rural & urban population for protection and preservation of national green heritage & monuments.
From very young age I had Natural desire to do some thing for betterment of climate conditions.  I was very interested in Nature and Natural environment.  I wanted to do my best for improvement of Natural surrounding.  For this I traveled far and wide in rural and forest area.  While doing this I found several neglected structure of historical importance in damaged conditions.  So, I included protection, preservation and repairs of all such structure of archaeological importance.
During the course several people of similar views came in contact and expressed their interest to support in these activities and a group of such people formed.

This resulted in formation of an organization Named “Green-Heritage”.

Vision & Mission
  • Making Earth green with plants to reduce global-warming.
  • All other necessary works to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Preservation of national green heritage & monuments.
Aims and Objectives
  • Protection of environment and Nature.
  • Protection of Forest and Wild-Life.
  • Conservation and improvement of tourism, tourist and pilgrimage places.
  • Protection and preservation of lesser-known, neglected  Archeological-Heritage.
  • Awareness about water-conservation and management.
  • Women and child-welfare.
  • Public Awareness about Health and Education.
  • Public Awareness about Agriculture.
  • Program for Social Harmony
Letter of Appreciation from Officer on Special Duty to Honurable President of India


Founder president Mohd. Saeed Sheikh is interested of environment and tourism since his student-life.  He is making extensive tour in Forest area Muffasils since the age of 13 years.  He has studied and made several efforts to solve rural areas of the District. He is also actively associated with movement engaged in protecting historical monuments and other structures of archaeological importance

He lead a campaign for protection and preservation of Ambagarh fort in Tumsar Tahasil of Bhandara District.  Due to his efforts Govt. of Maharashtra (Archeological department) sanctioned Rs. 3.5 crores and took work of renovation, repairs and preservation of fort.  The work is still in progress

He also worked for Gaimukh, Chandpur, Rawanwadi, Chakara (Adyal), Korambhi (Devi), Shree Nursingh Tekdi (Madgi) and others picnic & pilgrim places in Bhandara District.  Some of them got status of tourists center due to his efforts

He is also seriously working for renovation of Gosavi Math and surrounding temples (Mendha/Bhandara).  The Pande Mahal a structure of historical importance has been included by archeological dept..  Preliminary survey and estimates have been already done from his efforts.

He is also actively associated with in preservation of illegal tree-felling in Bhandara town & surrounding areas.  Due to his efforts tree-felling has been stopped in many areas this protecting more than 1000 trees.

Board Members

Name of Members Designation
Mohd. Saeed Dost.Mohd Sheikh Founder President
Chanda Prakash Murkute Vice-President
Sharad Mahadeo Limje Secretary
Vilas Ramchandra Kejarkar Joint-Secretary
Dinesh Ramprasad Meshram Treasurer
Adv. Manjusha Dilip Gaidhane Member
Dipali Lalit Naktode Member
Krishna Bhojram Kamane Member
Yashwant Tikaram Gaidhani Member
Shilpa Amrut Bansod Member
Jayant Ambadas Dhanwalkar Member
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We have started a wide campaign of tree plantation along the roads (6 kms.) where thousands of trees were cut due to widening of road. In addition to that we are going to open and extensive tour program.....


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